The 5 Best Google Ads Agencies in Dublin: 2024 Picks

best google ads agencies in dublin

Looking for the best Google Ads agency in Dublin? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best paid search agencies in the Dublin area, with a focus on reliable teams with proven track records.

If you’re ready to find the best team to grow your business with Google Ads – let’s jump in.

Why is Google Ads important for Dublin companies?

Whether you’re a plumber or you sell candles for a living, Google Ads can be an incredibly effective channel for acquiring new customers and growing your brand. The beauty of this marketing channel is that it allows you to capture folks who are in-market, and actively looking to buy.

In the case of a plumber, you could focus on keywords like ‘emergency plumber near me’, and if you sell candles, you can choose to serve Google Shopping ads whenever someone searches for candles in an area where you deliver. 

It’s a truly flexible channel that works for most business models and marketing goals, whether you want to generate leads, drive new purchases or just build your brand, Google Ads has a campaign type that will fit the bill.

That being said, it can be a tricky platform to learn and manage, and is often a time-suck for small business owners who need to focus on other areas. Google Ads agencies offer a great solution for time-strapped businesspeople, for a monthly fee these agencies launch, optimize and manage your Google Ads. Allowing you to focus on what you do best.

How we ranked each Dublin Google Ads Agency

To build this list of agencies, we took the following factors into consideration:

  • Strategies: What strategies and tactics does the agency use to help their clients grow?
  • Awards: Have they received any awards or accolades in the last 3 years?
  • Review analysis: Do the agencies have fresh, relevant reviews and testimonials?
  • Portfolio: what notable clients have they worked with
  • Industry expertise: do they have expertise in a certain industry or business vertical
  • Pricing: what do they charge for their services, is it competitive for SMBs or more suited to larger budgets

5 of the Best Google Ads Agencies in Dublin – The List

1. Velocity

Velocity Dublin Google Ads agency

Velocity is a high-growth Google Ads agency that specializes in helping Dublin-based businesses to grow their revenue with proven paid search strategies. With a portfolio of clients across different industries, their team can take learnings from millions of dollars in ad spend, and apply them to client accounts at scale.

  • Strategies: as a revenue focused team, Velocity offers full-funnel Google Ads management. From landing page design to CRM automations and integrations. 
  • Awards: Velocity has been awarded as a top PPC company in 2023 and 2024, and as a top Global B2B company in 2023 and 2024 by Clutch.
  • Reviews:  4.9 stars on Clutch from 10 verified client reviews.
  • Portfolio:  notable clients include high-growth interior design firm Flipspaces and catering company Dinner Ladies
  • Industry Expertise: Velocity specializes in lead generation with PPC. Focus areas include local services companies like HVAC and Plumbing companies, SaaS and B2B service businesses.
  • Pricing: with pricing starting at $1,000 per month, Velocity is a cost effective option for Dublin-based businesses small and large. Contact for pricing details and a custom quote.

Why do clients choose Velocity?

Velocity Dublin Google Ads agency reviews

Clients choose Velocity for their results-oriented approach and commitment to delivering exceptional ROI. Their team brings extensive experience in managing campaigns across diverse industries, using battle-proven strategies that drive growth. 

What makes the agency special?

Simple, straightforward communication and a commitment to results keep clients coming back. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, clients are kept in the loop and can see growth happening in real time. Deep experience running advertising campaigns also equips the team with a variety of proven tactics that they can use to accelerate results for new campaigns.

2. SWOT Digital

SWOT Digital Dublin Google Ads agency

SWOT Digital is a Dublin-based Google Ads agency with a client-focused approach to digital marketing. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including SEO, web design, and social media advertising.

  • Strategies: SWOT Digital emphasizes a tailored approach to Google Ads, ensuring campaigns are customized to client needs for maximum ROI.
  • Awards: Recognized for their excellence in digital marketing, though specific awards aren’t detailed.
  • Reviews: 5-star reviews on Clutch, highlighting their attentive and hands-on service.
  • Portfolio: Clients include Appleby, Coole Swan, and Odyssey Bathrooms, showcasing diverse industry expertise.
  • Industry Expertise: Specializes in lead generation for various sectors, notably retail and e-commerce.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing based on client needs and campaign complexity.

Why do clients choose SWOT Digital?

SWOT Digital Dublin Google Ads agency reviews

Clients appreciate their personalized service, strategic insights, and proven track record of delivering strong results.

What makes the agency special?

SWOT Digital’s commitment to tailored strategies and their ability to significantly improve client performance through detailed and innovative campaign management.

3. First Page

first page Dublin Google Ads agency

First Page is a top-tier Google Ads agency in Dublin, renowned for its data-driven strategies and proprietary technology, SENTR™, which enhances campaign management and reporting.

  • Strategies: Utilizes advanced analytics and proprietary tools to optimize Google Ads campaigns, focusing on high conversion rates and reduced ad spend.
  • Awards: Numerous digital marketing awards and recognitions.
  • Reviews: 4.9/5 rating on Google from over 500 reviews globally.
  • Portfolio: Includes notable brands like The Continental Sorrento and Pokebox, showcasing successful lead generation and sales optimization.
  • Industry Expertise: Excels in e-commerce, hospitality, and retail sectors.
  • Pricing: Customizable packages based on specific client needs and goals.

Why do clients choose First Page?

first page Dublin Google Ads agency reviews

Clients appreciate their innovative approach, personalized strategies, and strong track record in delivering high ROI.

What makes the agency special?

Their proprietary SENTR™ technology and a commitment to tailored solutions ensure exceptional campaign performance and client satisfaction.

4. MJC Media

MGC Media Dublin Google Ads agency

MJC Media is a Dublin-based digital marketing agency specializing in scaling eCommerce businesses with comprehensive Google Ads campaigns and other digital strategies.

  • Strategies: Full-service Google Ads management, including search, display, shopping, and YouTube ads. Also offers services in email marketing, web development, and lead generation.
  • Awards: Regularly recognized as one of the top PPC agencies in Dublin.
  • Reviews: High client satisfaction, praised for their proactive and results-driven approach.
  • Portfolio: Successful campaigns for eCommerce brands, generating significant ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
  • Industry Expertise: Particularly strong in eCommerce, hospitality, and retail sectors.
  • Pricing: Competitive and tailored to deliver high value and ROI.

Why do clients choose MJC Media?

MGC Media Dublin Google Ads agency reviews

Clients appreciate their strategic insights, responsiveness, and ability to deliver measurable improvements in campaign performance.

What makes the agency special?

Their holistic approach integrates Google Ads with broader marketing strategies, ensuring comprehensive growth for clients.

5. Perfect Digitals

Perfect Digitals Dublin Google Ads agency

Perfect Digitals is a leading digital marketing agency in Dublin, offering a wide range of services tailored to enhance online visibility and growth for businesses.

  • Strategies: Focuses on high-impact Google Ads campaigns, complemented by SEO, social media marketing, and web design for comprehensive digital marketing solutions.
  • Awards: Recognized as a top performer in the digital marketing space.
  • Reviews: Positive client testimonials highlight their creativity and effectiveness in executing campaigns.
  • Portfolio: Diverse client base, including industries such as hospitality, eCommerce, and tech startups.
  • Industry Expertise: Specializes in sectors like tech startups, professional services, and retail, providing customized solutions.
  • Pricing: Flexible pricing packages tailored to meet various business needs and budgets.

Why do clients choose Perfect Digitals?

Perfect Digitals Dublin Google Ads agency reviews

Their innovative approach and commitment to delivering high-impact results make them a preferred choice among clients.

What makes the agency special?

Their blend of creativity and data-driven strategies ensures unique and effective ad campaigns that stand out in the market.

How to Choose the Best Google Ads agency in Dublin: 3 Tips

Tip 1: Assess their track record and client testimonials to gauge reliability and effectiveness.

Tip 2: Look for a tailored approach to your specific business needs and industry.

Tip 3: Ensure transparent pricing and clear communication throughout the campaign process.


Choosing the right Google Ads agency in Dublin requires careful consideration of their strategies, expertise, and client feedback. With the right partner, businesses can significantly enhance their online presence and drive growth through effective digital advertising.

FAQs for Dublin Google Ads Agencies

How do Dublin companies benefit from Google Ads?

Google Ads help Dublin companies increase visibility, drive targeted traffic, and achieve specific business goals such as sales and lead generation.

What industries does Google Ads work best for?

Google Ads are versatile and work well across various industries, including retail, professional services, healthcare, and software/SaaS.

How much do you have to spend on Google Ads to see results?

The budget can vary, but many agencies recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month to gather sufficient data and optimize campaigns effectively.

What questions should I ask when looking for a Google Ads agency?

Ask about their experience, case studies, client testimonials, pricing structure, and how they measure and report on campaign success.

Does Google Ads help my SEO?

While Google Ads do not directly impact SEO, increased visibility and traffic from ads can lead to improved site performance and potential SEO benefits. Additionally, learning from paid campaigns can be used to inform SEO strategy, such as what keywords to target.