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We build acquisition-focused paid search campaigns that drive real revenue growth.


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What is HVAC PPC Marketing?

HVAC PPC Marketing, also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a powerful digital marketing tactic that helps HVAC contractors connect with potential customers online.

With HVAC PPC Marketing, contractors can create targeted advertising campaigns that appear when potential customers are in-market for HVAC services and ready to buy.

By only advertising on the most relevant keywords for their business, HVAC companies can ensure their company is visible to those who are in immediate need of their services.

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Cost-Effective HVAC Lead Generation

The beauty of PPC advertising is that contractors only pay when their ad is clicked on, making it a cost-effective way to drive valuable traffic to their website. 

By carefully selecting the right keywords and optimizing their advertising campaigns, HVAC contractors can attract high-quality leads who are more likely to convert into customers.

By leveraging the power of PPC, HVAC teams can not only increase their online presence and market share, but also maximize their returns on marketing investment. 

With the ability to track and analyze campaign performance, HVAC contractors can gain valuable insights into their target audience, refine their messaging, and make data-driven decisions to achieve their business goals.

Generate High Quality HVAC Leads With PPC

With PPC channels like Google Search Ads, contractors can ensure that their ads reach potential customers who are actively searching for HVAC services.

One of the key benefits of PPC marketing for HVAC businesses is the ability to target specific keywords, cities/towns and demographics. By honing their targeting, businesses can ensure that their ads are shown to ideal customers in the top rankings on search engines.

This helps to generate targeted leads who are more likely to have a genuine need for the services offered. Resulting in higher-quality leads that convert into actual revenue, fast.

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PPC Benefits for HVAC Companies

PPC advertising offers numerous benefits for HVAC companies looking to maximize their online presence and attract qualified leads. By leveraging strategic keyword targeting and hyperlocal targeting, these businesses can reach their target audience effectively.

With the ability to control ad spend and track campaign performance across target locations, PPC provides valuable insights to optimize marketing efforts and drive business growth.

Diversify your lead sources

Instead of relying solely on referrals and word of mouth to find new HVAC customers, PPC can keep the phone ringing consistently.

Quick results

PPC campaigns can generate new leads and traffic almost immediately. This means that HVAC companies can start seeing a return on their investment right away.


With detailed analytics, HVAC teams can see which ads and target keywords are performing the best. This allows for quick adjustments to be made to the campaign, leading to even better results over time.

Overall, PPC is an essential HVAC marketing strategy for service businesses looking to grow their client base and improve their bottom line. By working with an experienced HVAC PPC agency like Velocity, companies can take advantage of this powerful marketing strategy and get valuable leads flowing.

HVAC PPC Agency Services


Paid Search Management

Our agency specializes in providing comprehensive paid search management services for HVAC business owners.

We offer end-to-end search engine marketing services, from setting up Google Ads accounts and finding high-performing keywords to optimizing campaigns for maximum performance. 


Display Advertising & Retargeting

We help clients maximize advertising ROI with custom-branded display ads and sophisticated retargeting strategies.

We create beautiful, eye-catching display network ads to draw attention and attract high-value HVAC customers. We also help clients to set up retargeting campaigns so you can stay top-of-mind with target customers who have already engaged with their website or brand.


Paid Social Ads

We offer an array of social media marketing services, including LinkedIn and Facebook/Instagram campaign management. Crafting social media advertising strategies that take into account your goals, marketing budget, and target market.

We then create engaging and visually appealing ads that are tailored to relevant audiences, ensuring maximum reach and impact. 

Proven HVAC Marketing Services

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The team’s customer service is exceptional — whenever we have concerns or problems, we’ll get a detailed response right away, even during the holidays.”

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CEO, Manning General Contractors

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Paid search didn’t work for us until we found Velocity. Their approach is completely different to other teams we tried before. They test and iterate until they find a recipe that works.”

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Co-Founder, Ibarra and Browne

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising can be a game-changer for HVAC contractors looking to generate leads and increase online visibility. By running targeted PPC ads, HVAC businesses can put their services in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for them.

One of the great benefits of running a successful PPC campaign is that it allows HVAC contractors to maximize their ad spend and drive phone calls to your sales team. Unlike traditional advertising methods, PPC ads only charge for clicks, ensuring that HVAC companies are paying for actual engagement with their target audience.

Another valuable aspect of HVAC PPC advertising is the ability to track and measure campaign performance. HVAC contractors can use tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics to gain insights into ad performance, including impressions, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These valuable insights help businesses refine their digital marketing strategy and optimize their search campaigns for success.

In conclusion, PPC ads can work insanely well for HVAC service providers. By implementing a well-planned PPC strategy, HVAC companies can reach their target demographic, attract qualified leads, and ultimately boost their profits. It’s an effective and efficient way to increase online visibility and drive business growth in the competitive HVAC industry.

The average cost of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for HVAC companies can vary depending on a few factors. These factors include the competitiveness of the HVAC industry in a specific location, the keywords being targeted, search volumes, and the desired level of visibility. HVAC companies may need to bid against their competitors for ad placement, which can drive up the cost.

Additionally, popular keywords related to HVAC services may have a higher cost per click. It is important for HVAC companies to carefully plan their PPC budget and ensure they are targeting the right keywords to maximize their return on investment.

The time it takes for HVAC PPC campaigns to generate results can vary depending on various factors. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for initial results to start showing. However, it’s important to note that PPC campaigns require continuous monitoring, optimization, and adjustments to maximize their effectiveness.

It may take some time to fine-tune the campaign to reach the desired results. Additionally, factors such as competition, budget, targeting, and the quality of ad copy and landing page designs can also impact the timeline for generating results. Therefore, it is advisable to work closely with a HVAC PPC specialist or PPC team to ensure that the campaign is set up correctly and to regularly analyze and optimize it for better performance.

Yes, Google Ads can be a very effective advertising platform for HVAC companies. With Google Ads, HVAC companies can target specific keywords and geographic locations to reach their target audience. This allows them to display their ads to users who are actively searching for HVAC-related services in their area.

Additionally, Google Ads offers various ad formats, such as Google Local Services Ads and display ads, which can help HVAC companies effectively showcase their services and attract new customers. By utilizing Google Ads, HVAC companies can increase their online visibility, drive targeted traffic to their website, and ultimately generate more leads and conversions.