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We help B2B companies win by building industry-focused LinkedIn ad campaigns that drive qualified leads into your funnel, and generate actual ROI.

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Our LinkedIn Ads Process

1. Understand Your Industry

Before we spend a cent on ads. We interview our clients to understand what exactly they're selling, why people would purchase it, and how we can position ourselves to capture market share.

2. Map Out Customer Problems

Once we have a firm grasp of your industry's unique challenges. We get started understanding what makes your customers tick, and how to speak to their pain points.

3. Ad Creative & Copywriting

After we're aligned on who you want to target, and why. Our team of designers and copywriters gets started designing scroll-stopping ad creative, and ad copy that's laser-focused on your prospects pain points.

4. Build & Launch Campaigns

We setup all of the technical bits, including conversion tracking and lead routing. To make sure every lead reaches your sales team instantly.

5. Optimize, Iterate, Scale

Once ads are live, our work has only started. We keep releasing fresh creatives, iterating on ad copy to better hone in on your target audience and scale your ad ROI

linkedin ads agency

Driving Real Results for Our Clients:

“Their campaigns have started to impact our topline revenue numbers, driving a few closures per month, which for us is a pretty big deal. We haven’t seen results like this before.”

Shane Cleary

Founder, Emerald Home Investments

“The campaign continues to be extremely successful. Our second location is booming because of it. We really couldn’t have done it without them.”


Case Resor

Owner, Double Black Transportation

The team’s customer service is exceptional — whenever we have concerns or problems, we’ll get a detailed response right away, even during the holidays.”

Ankit Kashyap

Marketing Manager, Flipspaces

“Velocity has helped us increase our customer base by generating a consistent flow of high-quality leads. Would highly recommend if you have the chance to work with them.”

Bryan Manning

CEO, Manning General Contractors

“They’ve been great at understanding our needs. I’m delighted with their work; we’ve increased our inquiries since we started working with them, most of which convert into new customers.

Lily Cai

Managing Director, Dinner Ladies

Paid search didn’t work for us until we found Velocity. Their approach is completely different to other teams we tried before. They test and iterate until they find a recipe that works.”

Matthew Browne

Co-Founder, Ibarra and Browne

Why Use LinkedIn Ads?


Professional Audience

LinkedIn ads allows for laser-focused targeting by attributes like job title, industry and company size.


Drive B2B Leads

By going after the right job functions, your sales pipeline stays jam-packed with ideal customers and best-fit prospects.


Get Results, Fast

If you’re struggling with cost per acquisition on other networks. LinkedIn might be the advertising platform you’re looking for. 

Why Hire Velocity for LinkedIn Ad Management?

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Proven Frameworks

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands on digital marketing campaigns. From this we’ve built a battle-tested framework for building ridiculously effective effective ad funnels.

Launch with a marketing strategy that actually works. We’ve done the spending, so you don’t have to guess. We know how to message for the value props customers actually care about. And how to craft offers that turn ideal clients into ready-to-buy leads.

Our team continually tests new ad creative, copy and messaging to find ways to improve campaign efficiency and put more dollars in your pocket.

Detailed Communication & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with every nuance of your ad account. Or let us run things with minimal back and forth. It all depends on how you like to work.

With our in-depth performance reports and always-live dashboards, you can see performance in real-time, as we scale your ads week-on-week. While regular strategy calls keep us aligned with client priorities, new product launches and lift the hood on how we’re optimizing your ad campaigns.

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We Understand Strategy

Many agencies preach about their strategic approach. Before blindly blowing their client’s ad budget with the wrong target audience, messaging or offer.

Before a single ad dollar goes live, we conduct a deep-dive strategy phase to understand our client’s industry, customers and how to uniquely positiong their offering. Everything we do is grounded in strategy and a bespoke unit economics model we develop for every client.

This approach enables us to allocate ad budget with laser-precision, project a variety of marketing outcomes prior to launch and pivot strategy when needed.

Get in Touch For a Free LinkedIn Ads Strategy Plan

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This varies by what type of advertising agency you’re working with. There’s many different ways to structure PPC management pricing.

At Velocity, we charge a flat rate, depending on the total ad spend each month. This price increases as we move into higher brackets of spend, but we have a generous allowance in our starter bracket that is ideal for smaller company sizes, and those first testing LinkedIn ads.

To start with LinkedIn advertising, we recommend a budget of $1.5k per month for ads. This is a good general starting point.

Below this, we may not spend enough to get the data volume that allows us to optimize the ads, or we may get a false negative that the channel doesn’t work, when really we just need a little more spend to understand what works, before doubling down on it.

For brands that have previous history on the platform, or ambitious goals and learnings from other ad channels like Google Ads or Facebook Ads we may recommend deploying a little more to start.

If you’re looking to fill your B2B sales funnel. The answer is almost always yes. LinkedIn advertising campaigns are loved by many for good reason – they help marketing teams find the right buyers.

It can take a little bit of time to reach your business goals on this channel, but once you’ve found the right audience, dialed in your ad creative and offer, this can be a seriously effective growth marketing channel for a wide range of industries.

When comparing Google Ads to LinkedIn Ads, there’s quite a few nuances to consider. There’s no best option overall. It really depends on your company’s industry, your target audience and the product/service you’re looking to sell.

If you sell a product/service that has a high volume of monthly searches, Google Ads can perform very well. This is particularly true if you occupy a well-established category, in both B2B and B2C markets.

Where LinkedIn shines is if you have a niche product or service, that may not have a huge volume of monthly searches and you need to reach a very specific buyer persona.

That being said, the best choice is decided on a case-by-case basis, and most of our clients run LinkedIn ads and Google Ads at the same time. With audience retargeting from each channel to lift their advertising efforts and move leads down the funnel.