Pressure Washing Advertising: The End-to-End Manual

pressure washing advertising

Effective advertising helps pressure washing businesses to grow (and grow fast if they’re doing it right!) In this guide we’ll look at the best channels for generating new clients for your pressure washing business, how to convert traffic once you’re getting eyeballs on your business by creating irresistible advertisements and offers.

We’ll keep things straight and to the point, with actionable tips on how to implement all of the ideas in the post. No fluff and no filler. Let’s jump in:

The best advertising channels for pressure washing services

Ok, so you want to generate new leads for your pressure washing business, but don’t know where to start? The first big decision you’ll have to make is what channels to invest in for local lead generation.

Depending on your budget you may be able to invest in multiple channels before scaling your reach across platforms, that being said, for beginners we recommend starting with one channel, dialing in your performance at a profitable ROI before scaling up your spend on new strategies.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads

PPC (or pay-per-click) are so named because you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad. Simple, right? Popular PPC channels include Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo Ads.

PPC is also referred as ‘paid search’ or ‘search advertising’, and some folks use PPC as a synoynm for Google Ads, the most popular PPC platform. Google Ads is without a doubt the big daddy here. With 92% of the search engine market, and 8.5 billion searches per day, it’s where you should start with your PPC efforts. 

People often confuse PPC with SEO, which is a long-term digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing your website to rank higher organically, without paying for ad clicks. Instead PPC is fast, you pay for every click making it easy-to-measure and very easy to scale.

The beauty of PPC advertising for pressure washing companies is that this channel allows you to target high-intent prospects who are actively looking for your services. Google Ads lets you choose which keywords your ads appear for. For example – if you offer pressure washing in Boston, you might want to bid on ‘pressure washing boston’ as a keyword. Now, whenever someone types this term into Google, your ad will appear.

Pressure washing Google Ads are effective because you have direct control over spend, and once you discover keywords, ad copy and landing pages that work, you can easily add additional budget to scale your results and increase lead flow to hit your revenue goals.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are another great way for pressure washing companies to drum-up business. They work a little differently to PPC ads, because the people you’re advertising to aren’t necessarily looking for your services.

Where Facebook ads shine is in generating awareness for your product or service. They are a great tool for educating prospects about pressure washing and its benefits.

While people might not necessarily convert (get in touch) the first time they see your ad, over time and in combination with a full-funnel strategy, these ads can be useful for keeping your brand top of mind and generating additional leads in addition to your PPC efforts.

Local Services Ads by Google

Local Services Ads (or LSAs) are a specific type of pay-per-click (PPC) ad format designed for local service providers, such as pressure washing companies. Google’s Local Services Ads appear at the very top of the search results, giving your business prime visibility to potential customers.

Unlike traditional PPC ads, Local Services Ads operate on a pay-per-lead model, where you’re only charged when a user contacts you through the ad. This means you’re not paying for just clicks but for actual inquiries from potential customers actively seeking pressure washing services in your local area.

Google carefully vets businesses before allowing them to participate in LSAs, adding a layer of trust for users. So you’ll need details like your business license and other documents before Google approves you for these ads.

Given Google’s extensive reach and the fact that LSAs are specifically tailored for local businesses, it’s a must-have strategy for any pressure washing company looking to capture a local audience. 

One key advantage of Local Services Ads lies in their ability to showcase essential details about your business, such as your service area, hours of operation, and customer reviews. This not only helps potential customers make informed decisions but also contributes to building credibility for your pressure washing business. It’s a two-birds-one stone situation: social proof and lead generation bundled into one.

Lead generation websites

There are many lead generation websites out there for local services providers, and it can be a decent way to source pressure washing jobs. Websites like Angi (formerly Angieslist), Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor have advertising options where local services can feature their companies and generate leads.

While the offering sounds great, finding potential clients this way has its downsides. The biggest issue with these websites is that the leads aren’t exclusive. So when a lead reaches you, it’s often been sent out to 3-5 other companies, and you’re left fighting for scraps.

By the time you get around to contacting the lead, they may have already decided to go with another provider, or even worse, they may be so put off by the influx of contact that they put the project on hold. Either way, there are more effective strategies available.

Our take on lead gen websites might seem overly negative, and they can be useful for some power washing companies, but dedicated marketing campaigns on other channels are typically far more effective.

Print advertising and offline tactics

While online advertising has become indispensable, traditional print advertising and offline tactics still work, especially for local businesses like pressure washing companies.

In an era dominated by digital, print ads and offline tactics can offer unique advantages that complement your overall marketing strategy.

Print advertising in local newspapers, magazines, and community newsletters provides a tangible presence that digital channels often lack. In local communities, these printed materials can be a valuable resource for residents looking services like pressure washing. Placing ads in local publications also allows you to tap into a different demographic, reaching individuals who might not be as active online or who prefer traditional media.

Direct mail campaigns also work. Sending targeted postcards or flyers to specific neighborhoods can create a direct and personal connection with potential customers. This method allows you to showcase your pressure washing services with eye-catching visuals and persuasive messaging. It also provides a physical reminder for residents to consider your business when they need exterior cleaning. A postcard on the fridge may be worth a lot more than a ton of ad clicks online.

Community events and sponsorships are another offline tactic that can be tested. Participating in or sponsoring local events not only puts your business in front of a live audience but also demonstrates your commitment to the community. For instance, supporting a neighborhood clean-up initiative or sponsoring a local sports team can enhance brand recognition and build a positive reputation for your pressure washing business.

While not as easy to measure as online ads, these types of marketing activities can both build your brand reputation, local awareness and generate leads all at the same time.

How to create effective pressure washing ads

Now that you have a grounding in the best channels – let’s look at some pressure washing advertising ideas to turn eyeballs into loyal customers.

Pressure washing ad ideas

1. Social Proof Ads: Building Trust Through Testimonials

Using social proof in your ads is a powerful strategy. Create ads that showcase positive testimonials, reviews, or before-and-after images with customer permission. Social proof builds trust and credibility, assuring potential customers that your pressure washing services are reliable and effective.

Example: Image: Collage of satisfied customer testimonials with accompanying text snippets. Caption: “Join these happy customers who trust us to revitalize their exteriors! Revamp your home with proven pressure washing services.”

2. Limited-Time Offer Ads: Creating Urgency for Action

Implementing a sense of urgency through limited-time offers is a classic advertising tactic. Craft ads that highlight exclusive deals, discounts, or promotions for a specific duration. This encourages potential customers to take prompt action, boosting engagement and conversions.

Example: Image: A timer graphic counting down. Caption: “Act Now! Enjoy a 15% discount on our pressure washing services for the next 72 hours. Transform your property at an unbeatable price!”

3. Educational Content Ads: Positioning as Industry Experts

Position your pressure washing business as an industry authority by creating educational content in your ads. Share tips, tricks, or informative videos about the benefits of pressure washing. This not only engages your audience but also establishes your business as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.

Example: Video: A brief tutorial on the importance of regular pressure washing for home maintenance. Caption: “Learn why pressure washing is essential for preserving your property’s beauty. Trust the experts to keep your surfaces clean and protected.”

By segmenting your ad types based on content and strategy, you can tailor your messaging to different audience needs and behaviors. Whether you’re testing social proof, creating urgency with limited-time offers, or positioning your business as an industry expert, these ad ideas are a great start for promoting your pressure washing services and generating leads across various advertising channels.

Pressure washing copywriting tips

Effective copywriting is the cornerstone of any great advertisements, for pressure washing businesses or any other industry.

Crafting persuasive and engaging copy isn’t hard – it just requires a strategic approach to make sure your words resonate with your target audience.

Here are some key copywriting tips to get people engaged:

1. Highlight Benefits, Not Just Features: Instead of simply listing the features of your pressure washing services, emphasize the benefits customers will experience. For example, don’t just mention “advanced cleaning technology”; explain how it restores the beauty of their property and protects surfaces.

Example: “Transform your home with advanced pressure washing. Revitalize your home’s exterior, removing stubborn dirt and mold, and enjoy a lasting clean that enhances curb appeal.”

2. Use Evocative Language for Visual Impact: Paint a vivid picture with your words. Use descriptive language that helps potential customers visualize the results of your pressure washing services. Engage their senses and emotions to create a compelling narrative.

Example: “Watch as years of grime vanish before your eyes. Our pressure washing expertise brings surfaces back to life, revealing the true beauty hidden beneath layers of dirt.”

3. Incorporate Calls-to-Action (CTAs) Effectively: Guide your audience on the next steps with clear and compelling calls-to-action. Whether it’s scheduling a service, requesting a quote, or learning more about your offerings, make it easy for customers to take action.

Example: “Ready to transform your property? Schedule your pressure washing service today and rediscover the pristine beauty of your home or business.”

4. Create a Sense of Urgency: Encourage prompt action by incorporating a sense of urgency in your copy. Highlight limited-time offers or the importance of timely pressure washing for property maintenance.

Example: “Don’t miss out on our exclusive seasonal offer! Book your pressure washing now to enjoy a cleaner, more vibrant property. Limited slots available!”

5. Use Local Language and Appeal: Tailor your copy to resonate with the local community. Use language and references that are familiar to your target audience, emphasizing your commitment to serving their specific needs.

Example: “Proudly serving [Your City], our pressure washing services bring local homes and businesses to life. Join your neighbors in experiencing the transformative power of clean surfaces.”

6. Incorporate Social Proof: Boost credibility by integrating snippets of positive reviews, testimonials, or before-and-after stories into your copy. Social proof reinforces the effectiveness and reliability of your pressure washing services.

Example: “Trusted by homeowners and businesses alike, our pressure washing has garnered rave reviews. See why our customers choose us for exceptional results.”

Creating irresistible offers for pressure washing 

A marketing ‘offer’ is simply a hook that gets potential customers to buy, or potential leads to exchange their contact information. They are vital to creating successful ad campaigns.

Crafting an irresistible offer is a smart way to attract new customers and drive business for your pressure washing services. An irresistible offer not only captures attention but also motivates potential clients to choose your business over competitors.

Here’s a guide on how to create offers that stand out:

1. Bundle Services for Value: Combine different pressure washing services into attractive bundles. For example, you could offer a comprehensive “Exterior Revitalization Package” that includes house washing, driveway cleaning, and deck treatment at a discounted rate compared to individual services. This not only adds value for customers but also encourages them to opt for a complete solution.

Example: “Transform your entire property with our Exterior Revitalization Package! Save 20% when you bundle house washing, driveway cleaning, and deck treatment. Limited-time offer!”

2. Limited-Time Discounts and Promotions: Similar to the copywriting tip above, introduce a sense of urgency and exclusivity by offering limited-time discounts or promotions. Highlight the time-sensitive nature of the deal to encourage potential customers to take immediate action.

Example: “Flash Sale Alert! Book your pressure washing service this week and enjoy a 15% discount. Act fast—limited slots available for this special offer.”

3. First-Time Customer Specials: Attract new clients by offering special deals for first-time customers. This creates an incentive for individuals who haven’t tried your services before to give your pressure washing expertise a try.

Example: “First-time customers enjoy a 10% discount on any pressure washing service. Experience the difference with our professional cleaning.”

4. Seasonal and Event-Based Offers: Align your offers with seasons or local events. For instance, promote a “Spring Renewal Special” to capitalize on the desire for property cleaning as winter fades. Tailor offers to events like community clean-up days or home improvement months to stay relevant.

Example: “Spring is here, and so is our exclusive Spring Renewal Special! Refresh your home with our pressure washing services at a discounted rate. Limited availability!”

5. Referral Programs for Customer Advocacy: Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by implementing referral programs. Reward existing customers who refer friends, family, or neighbors with discounts on future services. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also expands your customer base.

Example: “Share the Clean! Refer a friend to [Your Business], and both you and your friend receive 15% off your next pressure washing service. Spread the word and save.”

6. Complimentary Add-Ons for Premium Packages: Enhance premium packages by including complimentary add-ons. For instance, you could offer a free gutter cleaning with a full-house pressure washing service. This adds perceived value and entices customers to choose the more comprehensive option.

Example: “Upgrade to our Deluxe Clean Package and enjoy a complimentary gutter cleaning worth $100! Give your property the ultimate makeover with this exclusive offer.”

Creating irresistible offers involves a combination of value, exclusivity, and strategic thinking. But there’s no exact science, the best thing you can do is test, collect data on what works and iterate.

Writing CTAs that work

A CTA (or call-to-action) is text that aims to motivate the audience of a marketing campaign to take a specific action, such as filling out a contact form, or requesting a callback.

The effectiveness of your CTA can make or break the success of your pressure washing ads. Here’s a crash course on writing CTAs that compel action:

1. Be Clear and Direct: Clarity is key when it comes to CTAs. Clearly state what action you want the audience to take. Avoid ambiguity and use straightforward language that leaves no room for confusion.

Example: “Schedule Your Pressure Washing Today,” “Get Your Free Estimate Now,” or “Contact Us for a Cleaner Tomorrow.”

2. Use Action Verbs: Start your CTA with strong action verbs that inspire movement. These verbs should convey a sense of decisiveness and motivation.

Example: “Transform,” “Revitalize,” “Discover,” or “Experience.”

3. Personalize and Relate to Benefits: Tailor your CTA to resonate with the specific benefits customers will gain. Connect the action to the positive outcomes they can expect from choosing your pressure washing services.

Example: “Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal Today,” “Enjoy a Cleaner, Brighter Property,” or “Transform Your Surfaces with Our Expertise.”

4. Keep it Concise: A CTA should be concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary words that may dilute the impact. Aim for brevity while maintaining a compelling message.

Example: “Get Started,” “Claim Your Offer,” or “Book Now.”

5. Build Trust with Transparency: Build trust by being transparent in your CTAs. Clearly communicate what customers can expect and highlight any guarantees, special offers, or unique selling points that set your pressure washing services apart.

Example: “Satisfaction Guaranteed – Schedule Your Risk-Free Estimate,” “Transparent Pricing for Quality Service,” or “See Our Before-and-After Results – Book Today.”

6. Test and Optimize: A/B testing is a crucial part of CTA optimization. Experiment with different wording, colors, and placements to identify what resonates best with your audience. Analyze performance metrics to refine and enhance your CTAs over time.


For pressure washing advertising, success hinges on a blend of factors. From choosing the right advertising channels to crafting compelling ad copy, irresistible offers, and persuasive calls-to-action, building an effective ad campaign takes a lot of work.

Here’s a summary of what we went over in this article:

Strategic Channel Selection: Understand the strengths of different advertising channels—from pay-per-click (PPC) and social media to traditional print and offline tactics—know how to strategically position yourself where your target audience is most active.

Compelling Content Creation: From educational narratives and social proof to limited-time offers and personalized messaging, content that actually resonates with your audience is key to establishing a memorable and impactful brand presence.

Irresistible Offers: Creating offers that go beyond discounts, tapping into value, exclusivity, and seasonal relevance, ensures that potential customers not only take notice but are compelled to choose your pressure washing services over the competition.

Effective Copywriting: The subtle art of copywriting, with a focus on benefits, evocative language, and persuasive storytelling, serves as the bridge between your services and the emotions and needs of your audience.

Compelling Calls-to-Action: Your calls-to-action are the final nudge that transforms interest into action. By ensuring clarity, urgency, and alignment with audience desires, you guide potential customers seamlessly through the journey from awareness to conversion.

Remember it’s never ‘one and done’. Successful businesses are built by continually adapting and optimizing your approach as the market changes and you test new hypotheses.

In conclusion, a successful pressure washing advertising strategy is a combination of all these elements, each playing a distinct note that contributes to success. By using the principles discussed in this article, pressure washing businesses can create campaigns that not only resonate with their audience but leave a lasting impression.

Interested in getting help with driving new leads and clients to your pressure washing business? Get in touch for a free consultation, we’d love to chat.