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Goods Vintage

Client Overview

Goods Vintage buys and sells rare jewelry, distinct home decor, and other eclectic treasures at a neighborly price. Their collection ranges from fine and antique jewelry to decorative art, collectibles, tchotchkes, and accent furniture.

Good’s Vintage founder and curator Keith Allibone is a Philadelphia antique dealer with decades of buying expertise. Keith works with a small team to curate the most unique selection of vintage goods with new inventory coming in every week.

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“They genuinely care about the ad campaigns that they build. The results speak for themselves - Velocity have changed the way we do business.”
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Keith Allibone

The Problem

As a vintage and antiques company, a steady flow of new, high-value inventory is crucial. Goods Vintage was using a mix of local partnerships, direct mail flyering and word of mouth to generate inquiries for people who wanted to sell their vintage items.

Paid search was identified as a possible route to increase their purchasing efforts and build a reliable lead generation machine

For this, Goods Vintage engaged Velocity to build a paid search program from the ground up. Including landing page development, keyword research, ad copy development and new ad account build.


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The project started with an in-person kickoff, followed by market research. This involved developing buyer personas, documenting value propositions that would resonate with them, and developing positioning statements to differentiate Goods Vintage from competitors. Given that these buyers were inviting our client into their homes, highlighting social proof to build trust was crucial.

Following the research phase we developed conversion-focused landing pages, ad copy that was tied to core value propositions, and launched search advertising campaigns focused on key items that Goods Vintage were looking to purchase and re-sell.

Post-launch we moved into 2-week PPC optimization sprints – trimming underperforming account elements and launching ad copy, keyword and structure tests to lower cost per lead and scale ROI. Velocity continues to work with Goods Vintage, both optimizing landing pages and Google Ads account. 

The Results


Ad campaign return on ad spend


Monthly lead volume increase


Increase in yearly business revenue


Campaign Tactics

In-Depth Market Research

Interviewing key stakeholders and analyzing market trends enabled us to come up with high-conviction assumptions around what messaging would resonate with potential buyers.

Sales-Focused Copywriting

By creating ad copy that spoke directly to the benefits of working with Goods Vintage and their unique offering, we were able to boost both ad clickthroughs and landing page conversion rates.

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

Following a UX audit, Velocity developed landing pages that were laser-focused on generating qualified leads with unique vintage items. Using split-testing we rapidly optimized pages to improve lead flow and quality.

Bid Strategy Testing

By structuring ad groups and keywords according to semantic relevance. We could then better segment campaign bid strategies to lower cost per lead and give the Google algorithm the data it needed to perform.

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